Frequently Asked Questions


What is a non-exclusive design?

When you purchase a non-exclusive design you choose from the standard license which allows you to use the design for product runs up to 500 units/meters, or an extended non-exclusive license that allows you to use the design for product runs over 500 units/meters.

In both cases the design will still be available for other customers to purchase.

How do I rent a design?

Archive documents are beautiful and rare so to keep the original archive intact, we loan many of our more precious and exclusive wallpapers and textiles. This is the same as process buying a design except it's slightly cheaper and you return the document back to us at some point over the two year period. Most clients like to scan the document and hand it back immediately, some keep it for the duration of the design and production purpose. You purchase the scan through Pattern Cloud then the swatch is sent out to you, often the same day. By renting you have access to priceless and rare designs that are normally not available to buy.

Can I extend the rental period?

Yes you can extend the loan at £100 per year if it's a best seller or you want to run it again with a recolour. The design once returned won't be rented out again in the same design category for 5 years. If somone is interested in loaning it they are made aware of previous uses.

What are the copryright laws with archive documents?

The large majority of the designs we have are american or european and are public domain. Many can be reproduced as they are without infringing copyright laws but to be on the safe side we sell & loan swatches for 'historical inspiration'. This way it's up to the client how close they take their design to the original whilst capturing the beauty of unique archive inspiration.

How do I pay for my chosen designs?

By credit/debit card or PayPal. Please email if you are having any issues with payment


In what format do I receive the design? Can I edit the design once I have purchased it?

Designs are sold in one of three file types either PSD, Ai, or TIFF. They are fully editable and will come with all layers where layers are used in their creation. The file type you receive is displayed on the design page, here it also tells you whether the design is in repeat.


Can I get a fabric swatch or paper print of my design?

 Non-exclusive designs and original artwork are supplied digitally with immediate download following payment with out a swatch.

original Vintage or antique swatches are available with digital scan or repeat artwork where clearly stated.


What resolution will my design file be?

The high-resolution file will be 300dpi.


Will my design be in repeat?

Each design is clearly marked as to whether it is already in repeat or not.


Can I return a design I have bought?

Designs are not refundable once they have been downloaded. If your purchase proves faulty, you must notify us within 7 days and we will provide a replacement.


Can I request changes to the design?

Yes. Our design studio can help you rescale, change colours or add or remove elements and we offer a pantone ref service for antique docuements.

Can I commission a design?

Yes, we work to commission, if you have a design in mind, get in touch.


For any other questions please email